Sync data between the computer, iPhone and iPad


  • Seamless synchronization across devices
  • Nice interface design
  • Interesting set of tools


  • It's only really interesting for owners of Apple products
  • Quite pricey

Very good

MobileMe is an online backup system from Apple that enables you to sync data between different devices such as desktop computers, iPhone and iPad.

Based on so-called cloud computing, MobileMe includes several tools to sync, back up and share data online. They’re all available via a very Apple-style interface, with glossy icons and an easy-to-use, intuitive design.

Services in MobileMe include an online email client (with an address like [email protected]), an online calendar tool and an address book. All of these can be seamlessly synchronized, so that next time you get an email, create an appointment or add a new contact, the changes are updated automatically across all synced devices thanks to MobileMe.

Other interesting tools in MobileMe are an online storage service (iDisk), a gallery to share pictures on the web and finally FindMe, a special service to locate misplaced or stolen iPhones and iPads, with the option to wipe them remotely and thus prevent access to your private data.

MobileMe is very well designed and really simple to use. Even if you don’t really need to have all of your data synced across different devices, the online storage, photo gallery and device location tools add value to the product. The question is then if you’d be willing to pay $99 a year for it.

With MobileMe you can effortlessly sync data between your computer, iPhone and iPad, as well as share files and photos, and locate missing devices.


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    good .
    i think its good program for find mobile phone,i like this aps
    Pros: fast work program
    Cons: ev...   More